Flowers in Neutral Moment「瞬花」 - 小鹿 総一
この美しい季節「土用」は、春夏秋冬の各季節の狭間に存在する季節が次の季節に遷り変わろうとする“ 中庸なる瞬間 - Neutral Moment ”に存在するとされています。
長い時の流れの中で、季節に限らず“ 中庸なる瞬間 - Neutral Moment ”の中に万物の真実や美しさが存在しているとする日本人の美的観念は様々な分野で美しい表現を生み出し続け、能楽師-世阿弥 の「せぬ暇」という言葉にもその大切さや奥深さを伺い知ることができます。
季節を迎え季節を送る花々の美しさや真なるメッセージはこの“ 中庸なる瞬間 ”に存在するとの思いを出発点としたFlowers in Neutral Moment「瞬花」。

Flowers in Neutral Moment - Soichi Oshika
Doyo is the Fifth Season of a year, according to the ancient Chinese concept referred to as Gogyo ( five basic elements of nature ). It was often referred to and spoken of, and its idea was well accepted in Japan as people enjoyed changing seasons. A beautiful concept of Doyo, which has long been forgotten in this country, refers to the transitional period between seasons. It is the period of neutral moments when one season is over but the next one has not started yet. Traditionally, the Japanese sense of beauty and aesthetic sense has known that truths and the real beauty of things are found in these neutral moments. Such aesthetic images are still seen in these beautiful expressions in a variety of ways today. While I continue photographing the flower as motif, I have come to think and realized that the truth of beauty and the truth of messages exist in those "neutral moments". There is not the last arrival point in this work as far as there is the flower which continues blooming forever.   To leave as many as possible. Even if it's only one message of flowers.